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Closed Communities-Convergence

A project from ecobasa e.V.
in Benabarre, Spain

Communities-Convergences are one week long networking events, entirely based on gift-economy, that connect people and sustainable communities to create regional networks of collaboration and support. You can support their creation here.

Arne B.
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About this project

Communities Convergences are one week events, where local groups form bioregional gift-economy support and collaboration networks for individuals, intentional communities and organizations.
These are opportunities for connection, exchange, learning, inspiration, networking and sharing. They are self-organized in sustainable communities.
Every day there are two hours collective working time in the schedule where all participants build and work for the community.
It is all based on gift-economy (participation and donations)
In extend to the donations we collect in the event, you can support us through this platform if you like the work we are doing. For us it is really useful to have some budget in advance, so we can buy things locally like pots and some food, to be there already when the event starts.
So if you plan to come or not, this is your chance to help making the events successful.
Only if we have a working infrastructure and our basic needs met, we can focus on creating the bioregional gift-networks.