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Children´s Home & Vocational Training Center for girls and young women

A project from Dry Lands Project e.V.
in Marawila, Sri Lanka

Since 2005 there is a children's home for girls on the west coast of Sri Lanka in the small fishing village Marawila. It has recently been expanded to include vocational training centers. Please help to improve the future prospects for young women!

J. Fischer
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About this project

Since 2005 in Marawila / Sri Lanka there is the Angels Home for Children, an orphanage for girls only. The facility was build up as a private initiative by the German Frank Lieneke and gives a new home to children of broken families. The girls are between the ages of 5 and 20 years and they experience affectionate care by local nursing staff and voluntary staff from Germany. The main objective is to accompany the girls to an independent and financially secured future and it is realized by many educational and recreational activities.

At the beginning the property of the home was only leased, as the organization didn´t have enough money and experience for an own piece of land in Sri Lanka. In June 2009 Frank Lieneke and his team could afford to acquire a piece of land in Marawila, where a new children's home was built from scratch with a capacity for up to 60 girls.

During the construction of the new building the project was published at Betterplace to acquire additional interested persons and especially donations. Total needs in the amount of 6,665 Euro were posted and mostly fulfilled by the users of Betterplace. Regularly reports on the progress of construction were published in the project´s blog. After the completion of the construction works in 2011 the organization posted general needs for the children's home.

In fall of 2012 the planning for a new project started and one year later the neighbour land of the new Angels Home could be bought as well. After using it as a fruit and vegetable garden in the beginning there was another building constructed in the front area of the land. It opened officially as vocational training center of Dry Lands Project in January of 2015.

More information about the whole project and nearly daily updated news you can find on the homepage of Dry Lands Project as well as in Facebook on the relevent fanpage.

Here at Betterplace the gallery always shows current pictures of the published needs to offer the greatest possible transparency to the donors. The project managers are always available to answer questions and happy about any kind of feedback.