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Closed Support the soup kitchen in Lichtenrade and its programs for adolescence

Berlin, Germany

The Suppenküche Lichtenrade e.V. provides free meals and food donations to people in need on a weekly basis. Additionally, our organization aims to provide education and social rehabilitation provisions to adolescence.

A. Benkel-Abeling from Nachbarschaftszentrum Suppenküche Lichtenrade e.V.
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We aim to reduce poverty in our region: As a charitable organization, the Suppenküche Lichtenrade e.V. distributes warm meals to needy people (i.e. children, lonely people, seniors, single parents, or financially constrained people) free of charge on every sunday. Everyone will receive a warm meal and food donations, without specifying their particular background. The Suppenküche Lichtenrade e.V. is active since September 2005 and was able to increase the amount of distributed warm meals from ten per weekend, to over 150 meals every week.

In the future, we aim to expand our services: Additionally to the core business of the soup kitchen, we want to conduct projects to support adolescence in all aspects of life. These will include individual application trainings for adolescence, computer trainings for all generations, a room for young musicians and a garage in which adolescence can work on cars and other machines under instruction. Furthermore, we plan to provide social rehabilitation measures for convicted adolescence and to provide education programs in cooperation with the Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium in Lichtenrade.