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Funded A scholarship for KENIA

Help to send Kenia to school. She is from the slums in Nicaragua and has the chance to attend one of the countries top schools, which will change her and her famlies future forever.

S. Schmidt from Puente Nica e.V.Write a message

The story of Kenia and I begins over six years ago, on the very first day I set foot in one of Nicaragua's worst neighbourhoods. I was teaching children at the little library project "la casita" and this is where I met Kenia, an exceptionally bright and ever-smiling, ten-year old girl. She has grown up in the slum-like outskirts of one of Managua's many suburbs. Her dad works as a carpenter wherever he can find work and her two older brothers work in sweatshops owned by multinational corporations to help sustain the family. Although Kenia was never able to get much help at home, she has always been at the top of her class, alongside the teachers' own children.

The quality of public schools in Nicaragua is very low. In the countryside and in the poor suburbs it is simply shocking. Classes host up to 50 students at the same time. Children have to come in early to secure one of the few desks. Most have never heard of textbooks. A full 3-hour school day is rare.

Since the moment I met Kenia, she has impressed me with her engagement both in school and in the project. Last year I decided that I would somehow find a way for Kenia to get a real, high-quality education, so that she one day can take her future into her own hands.

After a year of hard negotiations with one of Managua's best private schools, Kenia got the chance to show her talent during a 6 month trial period. Despite her background, Kenia managed to keep up with the far higher educational standards of the new school and obtained an above average record at the end of the year. We received the longed-for letter last week: The school will grant Kenia a 60% scholarship! However, there is still a large sum to be paid, in order for Kenia to be able to attend the school this year.

When Kenia's father manages to get a full month's employment, he earns about $300. Walter, Kenia's youngest brother, works full time (11 hours per day, 6 days a week) at the sweatshop; he earns less than $200 per month. Domingo works and studies at the same time hoping to get accepted at university to fulfil his dream of becoming a preschool teacher. Kenia's family is ready to do whatever they can to give her the chance to attend the school, but they will only be able to contribute with $60 per month. This is enough to cover all transport costs (the school is about a 2h busride oneway) but not the remaining school fees.This is where you come in!

So the costs we still need to cover:
Monthly fee - €1150 (40% of $309 per month)
Book package - €150 ~$160

We will make this once-in-a-lifetime chance happen for Kenia, no matter what, and you can be part of it!

If you wish to know more, send me an email or check out my NGOs work at

My name is Sarah and I have been volunteering in children’s education in Nicaragua since 2009 and in 2012 I founded the NGO Puente Nica e.V. In my day-to-day life, I work as an engineer at NTNU University in Norway

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