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Closed Water for Balanka, Togo, West Africa

Togo, Ingenieure ohne Grenzen, Balanka

K. Schwemmer from Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V.Write a message

The team of "Ingenieure ohne Grenzen" supports the community members of Balanka to establish a water system in a long run, but sustainable.

The village of Balanka
This is a rather small village in Togo with about 9000 inhabitants. The community is using existing near-susface wells to cover their water demands. However many of those wells are in a bad condition, have no or destroyed covers which decrease the water quality. Additionally many of them fall dry during the 6 months lasting dry period. There are several school buildings which have no direct water system at all. The primary problem is bad water quality and a low quantity of water.

The project "Water for Balanka"
We want to establish a water management system in cooperation with out partner organization AE2D, which we know for several years. The village committee shall become independent to check the water sources, plan and make accessible by themselves. The residents shall be self independent to carry on this project.
We concentrate on the equippment of two schools and one kindergarden to their needs. In a long term the existing flat wells shall be rehabilitated. All along with our local partners to bring them on a higher level.
The center of the project is knowledge transfer. During the execution of technical solutions, we will held workshops which explains the construction, maintennance and the repair. During the school classes and in the public library we will sentisize the use of water,

What do we need the donations for?
The project will run for several years. Probably multiple travels to Balanka are necessary.
To execute the project we need 2016 to cover following cost
• Travel cost (flight,transfer, stay)
• construction material (concrete, steel, small material)
• transportation and sub-workers
• workshop material
• communikation and administration cost

How you can help...
Tell your friends about it and donate. Even small donations help a lot.

Thanking you !