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Closed Sanagua- Provide People in Northern Argentina with Clean Drinking Water!

Sanagua is an innovative combination of electrical components to give people one of the most basic things- clean drinking water! It filters the toxic Arsenic out of the water and is resistant to the local harsh environment.

P. Plikat from Enactus Mannheim e.V. Write a message

The ground water in Northern Argentina is heavily polluted by the toxic heavy metal arsenic which can lead to skin diseases and even to death. 4 million people in Argentina are exposed to the danger of arsenic poisoning. Despite these risks, the rural population in the North often has no other choice than drinking the poisoned water, as bottled drinking water with a price of $1.4 per litre is far too expensive. 
In collaboration with different technical partners (including BASF) we have developed a unique and innovative system that can filter arsenic and other toxins and bacteria and provide clean drinking water for up to 500 people. We use a parabolic dish that concentrates the high solar radiation in this region and focuses the heat on a Stirling engine. The engine generates enough pressure to run an ultrafiltration system that removes all pollutants. To give village people in remote areas an independent access to water supply, the system will be built and maintained mainly by local mechanics on site.
Together with our partner in Northern Argentina, we built the first system at EFA school in Paso Tala in the region of Corrientes. There the water will be sold at a very low price. The revenues are partly used to pay the local mechanics an additional monthly income. The rest of the revenues is invested in new systems.
Our system fits perfectly the need of the people. With our system we provide them with clean and affordable drinking water. 
Together with our NGO partner CORFAL, we are planning to build another system in Arica, Chile and need help in expanding our project.  
With your support, we are able to give the people in South America access to something that you and me take for granted – access to clean drinking water.