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Closed SADA Togo- For the wellbeing of the communities of Togo

A project from SADA Togo
in Lomé, Togo

Support teacher training in the country of Togo.

S. Goldstein
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About this project

SADA is a non-profit NGO, created in 2012 with the aim of ensuring the socio-economic and moral well-being of the poor populations of the suburbs and rural areas in Togo. Its actions are centered on the development of communities by utilizing local available resources. SADA encourages the active participation of the population and especially that of women. Here in Togo, teachers often study they teach but are rarely trained in teaching itself. With low teacher salaries and sparse resources, few schools can provide substantial professional development for teachers. The result is that many teachers don't know how to teach classes that can effectively teach all of their students, discipline practices often make the problems worse and teachers don't have the strategies they need to teach students with many different needs. SADA will work to train teachers in the local community near Apedokue, just outside of Lomé by training the teachers and having them continue to train others in their school and throughout the area. A $35 donation can support one trainer for one month! Any amount is greatly appreciated.