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YOU are not allone

A project from Das magische Projekt e.V.
in Weiden i. d. Opf, Germany

Kids need someone around who takes care and believes in them. If familiy cant give that to them, we try to be there for their needs and worries and show them the way to a better future!

J. Zimmermann
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About this project

No mum, no dad, nobody at home, interessted in your needs and fears. Violence, no food in the fridge....growing up under such conditions ....nobody can imagine that. But still it is the reality, many youths face every day.
We try to accompany these kids to find ways out of their uncharmed situations. To give them strength and power to believe in themselves.
How does that work?
We offer sports, music activities, dance to the kids. Elements, that are part of their lives. Situations, they feel comfortable with. And through these offers we get in contact with the kids. We show them, that we are not only interessted in their problems. But in them. As a person. In everything they are.
Now...and that can mean after months or even years...they allow us to have a look at their needs and problems. And now we can start to find a way out of all this misery.

To company the kids, to help them to get along with their bad experiences. To have trust in themselves again and to get back the power to fight for their life we need your help! Thank you so much für helping us to be there for the youths!