Reach the Educational Peak

An aid project by L. van Iersel in Ngongongare, Arumeru District, Tanzania

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L. van Iersel (Project Manager)

L. van Iersel
Meru Peak School is a school in Ngongongare village in Tanzania (near Arusha). I have worked at this school as a voluntary teacher. Before coming to the school I collected money on Betterplace to buy pens and exercise books for all children and books for the school library. This money has already been donated and the children have already received the pens and exercise books and the library books are already in the library. This is a very important development for the school because when I arrived at the school many children didn't have a pen and many students didn't have enough exercise books. Please have a look at the pictures and read the visitors reports written by some of the children. Moreover, the dictionaries and school books are being used daily by the children.

After staying at the school, I have continued collecting money for school books and have returned regularly to buy these books in local bookshops and to bring them to the school. At the moment there are quite a large number of books at the school. However, there is a great lack of science equipment.

In addition, I'm looking for sponsors for orphans who are studying at this school but can't pay any school fees. At the moment, a few sponsors have been found but there are not enough sponsors for all the children who need them.

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Location: Ngongongare, Arumeru District, Tanzania

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