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Start-up help for disabled and war-affected persons in Sri Lanka

A project from SHiP - Selbsthilfe in Partnerschaft e.V.
in Vavuniya, Sri Lanka

Start-up help for disabled and war-affected man and women in Sri Lanka by micro loans and grants.

Thomas G.
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About this project

Our project partner VAROD (Vanni Rehabilitation Organisation For The Differently Abled) is working in Vanni region in the North of Sri Lanka. The civil war from 1983 to 2009 between Tamils und Singhalese left many handicapped. VAROD provides medical, mental and physical services for these people and helps them to settle and create own income. According to the individual capacities, the disabled receive start-up help for income generating activities such as tailoring (photo), animal raising, handcrafts with rattan or other. Some of them have legs and can raise animals, others have both hands and can do reparations or handcrafts. Blind persons are nevertheless able to do e.g. wicker-work with rattan or poultry. Others start small shops.

Despite their difficult situation with leg-prothesis, crippled hands or blindness the recipients are in many cases able ot repay step by step the loan, which is then offered to other handicapped. Two members of the german SHiP association have traveled and informed themselves on the spot about the achieved results and the actiivities of VAROD. Since then we remain in close contact.

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