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A project from Ecoselva e.V.
in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

1 coffee less, 1 donation more: Buy 1 coffee less and donate the money to the environmental association ecoselva and its rainforest conservation projects in the Dominican Republic. I will be volunteering for them for 1 year starting from September.

H. Stienhans
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About this project

You get 1 coffee for 1€*, 1 white coffee for ~3€ . You spend this money very easily. But why not convering it into a small donation for rainforest conservation in the Dominican Republic? *To all non-coffee-drinkers: You can also donate your tea ;-)

WHAT IS THE BACKGROUND OF MY CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN? After several study, internship and work trips abroad, I have been working for two years now in the field of e-learning and online platforms in Berlin. But maybe, I asked myself, there is a possibility to find a job in the field of online platforms in a Spanish speaking country? For a long time I already had in mind to make professional use of my stagnating Spanish.

WHICH ORGANIZATION ARE YOU DONATING FOR? By chance, I came across the "weltwärts" volunteering service of the German government. After some research, I quickly got in contact with ecoselva. This association is supporting projects for sustainable utilization and reforestation of the rainforest in Peru and the Dominican Republic and is therefore working together with many local NGOs. In order to create networks and to exchange environmental know-how, the Dominican NGOs with the support of ecoselva launched an interactive online platform, Plataforma Nacional. With regards to content and from a personal point of view as well, it didn't take me very long and I accepted the oportunity to work for ecoselva on that project.

WHAT IS YOUR DONATION USED FOR? When ecoselva provides weltwärts volunteering positions, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) pays 75% of the volunteers' travel and accomodation expenses. 25% of these costs have to be covered by donations as the ecoselva members mainly serve in an honorary capacity. I. e. your donations allows me, the volunteer, to travel to the Dominican Republic in order to live and work there for one year. 200€ per month per project position are needed.
I will be responsible for the administration of the Plataforma Nacional while working with the Dominican NGO Plan Yaque in Jarabacoa. One of my tasks will be to support all NGOs registered on the platform to connect with each other and to exchange their know-how. In the end, your donation will be used for the environmental NGOs anabling them to realise their projects of rainforest conservation with the aid of the platform in a more efficient way.

WHAT BENEFIT DO YOU HAVE BY MAKING A DONATION? betterplace is issuing you a donation receipt for tax deduction. Your donation will be directly transfered to ecoselva without any deduction. Me personally, I will report regularly on my travel blog about my weltwärts service:
As every little bit helps, I hope to reach as many people as possible who are willing to donate 1 coffee or even more. I'm anyway happy about every donation and am ready to answer your questions. I already did the first step by making a donation for ecoselva. Who is the next one?