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Closed Let's empower Women and youth in Puntland Somalia.

The Current Situation of women in Somalia

Y. Farah Jeer
Y. Farah Jeer wrote on 23-08-2015

Women and  youth of the country (Somalia) those are the two voiceless group and even they are vulnerable group to everything that may face them since they don't have capacity to struggle with men as to get their rights.

Somalia especially the South and Central of Somalia there are so many challenges facing these two vulnerable groups including torture, rape, child labour, joining militant groups and piracy because of lack of hope while they don't have job, they cannot access education and even health and also cannot stay a secure place even if they stay their homes.

Puntland is stable and secure compare to South and Central of Somalia so that these people are always flee to Puntland for looking better life and securing their lives so we need to support these people and we need support from international communities including the members of this page.

Help these people for giving financial support humanily
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