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Mbeya, Tanzania

Mbeya CBR-Simama does help the children who are mentally and physically challenged in Mbeya,Tanzania,East Africa.It does involve the community and all people of good will in helping the intergral growth of the disabled.

F. Ntasamaye from Mbeya CBR Simama under Caritas Development Office | 
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About this project

MBEYA CBR- SIMAMA. This is a program which was established in 2013 in the diocese of Mbeya to operate under the supervision of the Diocesan Caritas development Office. The reason behind this is well explained in the background information, that it is a result of the experience gained when running the Iyunga handicapped training center which trains the handicapped and for the case of limited capacities for rehabilitating the mentally and physical handicapped the trainings are not effective as we wish. A solution for this challenge is to introduce a project which can manage these young people to undergo their rehabilitation and once they are fit they can be linked for training more effectively. Iyunga center is earmarked to train the handicapped who are mentally and physically challenged.

Mbeya CBR-Simama envisions a society that reduces incidences of disability and realizes the potentialities of the disabled children hence enabling them to participate in various activities for their own future welfare and of the society. Mission is to strive in promoting Community Based Rehabilitation and the rights for the children with disabilities in such a way that empowers them and their communities

• To raise awareness among the communities on the significance of accepting and supporting the children who are disabled, targeting at 1200 families annually
• To enhance the identification for early intervention, timely referrals and rehabilitation logistics for children with disabilities; targeting at least 112 annually.
• To carry out physical and mental rehabilitation to a maximum of 108 identified children annually.
• To carry school inclusion, that is, to enroll the qualified disabled children in schools and link others with vocational skills training opportunities.
• To carry trainings to Mbeya CBR-Simama workers and also to the parents and caretakers of the disabled children so as to enable them to provide quality service to the disabled children.

i) Short term:
• Self-acceptance and confidence
• Ability to self-help, for instance; to eat, to wash
ii) Long-term
• Improved relationship between the handicapped and the community due to the fact that the community will get rid of community negative attitude towards them
• Reduction of the incidences of disability and therefore dependence.
• Realization of the potentialities of the disabled hence empowering themselves and the community at large
• The community will be instilled with willingness to support the physically and mentally challenged children
• Family opportunity to engage in economic and social activities hence improvement of standard of life

Updated at 18. September 2020