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Funded Sichuan Earthquake Relief

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Many people have lost their relatives, many children their parents. For this reason, the rebuilding of orphanages is particularly important. But this is a long process. Financial help is necessary.

B. Eberlein from B. EberleinWrite a message

The massive earthquake (epicentre 90 km west of Chengdu), with tremors felt as far away as Shanghai and Beijing, had a profound effect on me. This weekend, the death toll rose to over 60.000 and a further 20.000 are still missing. There are continuous aftershocks. Just recently, a strong aftershock caused the collapse of another 270.000 houses. Lakes are forming in the mountains, caused by landslides blocking rivers. All this contributes to fear that areas, already devastated by the earthquake, could be flooded. I, myself, was very affected by the earthquake and was surprised at how people here in Beijing joined in their sympathy in the face of this catastrophe. The ‘China Charity Federation’ supports wherever it can with financial donations and blankets, tents, food and medicine were and will continue to be flown out to the earthquake areas. Furthermore, there is the question of long-term help in the form of rebuilding schools, houses, orphanages.

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