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CASA COLONIA - a human hosuingproject für homless people and refugees

Köln, Germany

CASA COLONIA social project für homeless people an refugees in Cologne

D. Kästel from kunst hilft geben für Arme und Wohnungslose e.V.
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We plan an human Housing Project CASA COLONIA in Cologne for young people.
2-4 homless people
2 refugees-families
2-4 students with no or less income from poor families
1-2 artists wit no or less income.

the main point is an social-company - ART-CAFE/Restaurant for young people with handicap
- social handicap (no schooldiploma, no jobtraining)
- Physical handicap or
- mental handicap.
Please help us to buld the CASA COLONIA as an light-House-Project.
like Joseph Beuys named it Social Sculture who everybody can bring a stone to be sucessfull.

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