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Funded Preservation and restoration of the „Kommandantur Bełżec“

A project from Bildungswerk Stanislaw Hantz e.V.
in Bełżec, Poland

Belzec/Bełżec Headquarter. Preservation and restoration for educational and memory work

A. Kahrs
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About this project

Building of former "Kommandantur" is saved for future projects!

Dear Supporters of our project!

Our efforts to buy and save the former Headquarter of the extermination camp Belzec received a lot of support and positive feedback. This led to the current owners decision (the polish railway company PKP) to cancel the public auction at the end of june. PKP stated that the building is only to be used in recognition of it's historical context and would not be for sale as "construction land".
On several levels there are now discussions and talks about how a future collaboration with different partners can be created to realize the plan of using the building for further education and memory work. All the money we have collected so far, we would now like to invest in maintenance instead of buying the building!
We are very optimistic that we are on a good way to realize the original concept.

We are not calling actively for further donations!

The whole site includes a 6200m2 area where in times of the camp also the barack for jewish women prisoners was located. 
In the backyard one can find till today the farm buildings, that served not only as arsenal but also as repository for the victims valuable items.
Within the so-called „Action Reinhardt“, the planed assassination of the Polish Jewish population, Bełżec was a main deportation destination. Further more, between March and June 1942, more than 50.000 Jews were deported from the territory of the former German Reich and the annexed territories to so called transit ghettos in the region between Lublin and Zamość. Many of them also died in Bełżec.
For many years the "Bildungswerk Stanislaw Hantz e.V." has been providing annual educational trips on the topic of the „Action Reinhardt” in the region of Lublin. 
We are continuously seeking new projects that contribute to deepen and pass on existing knowledge on the „Action Reinhardt“ and perpetuate its remembrance in Germany.

What are our plans?

-The preservation of the Headquarters / Kommandantur Buildings, which are of high historical value in particular for remembrance / memory work

-Spatial integration of the history of Nazi-perpetrators through inclusion of the Headquarters Building in the pedagogical and memory work of the Bełżec Memorial & Museum

- Creation of an outdoor exhibition area 

- Restoration of the buildings and creation of specific Meeting, Workshop and exhibition facilities for Bełżec visitors and youth groups.
What is our experience? 

- The Bildungswerk looks back on long-standing historical, memory and pedagogical work in the region

- Extensive cooperation with the Bełżec Memorial & Museum
- Existing projects with pupils of cooperating school partners in Rawa Ruska, Żółkiew (Ukraine), Izbica, Bełżec, Lubicza Królewska (Poland) among others
- Long-standing cooperation in commemoration and educational work with the “Stichting Sobibor” (The Netherlands) and "Studnia Pamięci" (Poland)