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Godparents for refugee children

A project from WIR GESTALTEN e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

Godparents spend leisure-time with refugee-children and help them to learn German. WIR GESTALTEN e.V. arranges godparent-hoods and wants to accompany volunteers with the help of intercultural trainers and native speakers.

M. Kormannshaus
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About this project

WIR GESTALTEN e. V. (“WE CREATE”) provides sponsorships for refugee-children and children with a migration background. As the language and learning level in the German classes is very different and some of the pupils do not have afternoon support, it is difficult for them to integrate in the German everyday life.
Godparents spend their leisure time with children, communicate in German and help them  with learning difficulties. By accompanying them regularly they become persons of trust. On the other hand volunteers get to know other cultures and reduce prejudices.
For the activation, support, monitoring and qualification of volunteers, as well as translation and arrangement of godparent-hoods we need fees. A pedagogical specialist with good contacts to the Arab population is to be empowered with your help:
 - to provide appropriate childhood sponsorship,
 - to do networking / body work with the relevant schools and neighborhood initiatives (e.g. Wedding helps)
 - to activate refugee children to participate in the learning and leisure activities of the association,
 - to enable the Arab women of our meeting place "Kiezcafé" to get in contact with parents and provide assistance when dealing with the authorities. 
- to organize training courses for volunteers and a broad public on pedagogical and intercultural topics with external specialists.