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TLC - Helping abandoned and ill children

A project from Kindern helfen - TLC Deutschland e.V.
in Eikenhof bei Johannesburg, South Africa

A new annex will be build for up to 50 teenagers, offering them age appropriate rooms. Thus younger children can find a new home at TLC in their former rooms.

F. Vollmering
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About this project

TLC Ministries

The children's home "The Love of Christ Ministries" (TLC Ministries) was founded in 1993 by Thea Jarvis and is registered at the local Department of Social Services as a children's home for newborn and abandoned babies. TLC is situated approx. 20 km south of Johannesburg on an agricultural holding with a large Main House housing a nursery and therapy room, with volunteer cottages, staff accommodation, offices, playground, large vegetable garden and a school comprising 6 classrooms and a library.
At present TLC cares for 50 toddlers under the age of 3. There are also up to 30 volunteers and 30 children aged between 3 and 14 living at TLC on a permanent basis. About one third of these older children is HIV positive (on average 35 to 40 %) and on Anti Retroviral Treatment.

Extension „Main House“
Each year TLC accepts 6 to 10 children as permanent members of the Jarvis family because they could neither be placed with forster or adoptive parents locally or abroad nor transferred to orphanages of the same quality as TLC. Due to this fact TLC has reached its capacity limit. Therefore it is necessary to build a new annex. Otherwise the housing of new babies and children would be limited or even no longer possible at all. TLC has placed an order with an architect for the planning. The extension will cost around 600.000 €. Under "Needs" we will present smaller sub-projects, starting with a wind-operated water pump.

Wind-operated water pump
TLC is situated in one of the less prioritized areas, in which power supply is temporarily stopped every now and then due to the insufficient power production in South Africa. These stoppages cause damages to engines and electrical devices and they make caring for the babies and children very difficult. A constant supply of drinking water, in particular, which is vital for everyone, cannot be ensured. A wind-operated water pump shall help.