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An aid project by “Internews” (Nicolas K.) in Colombo, Sri Lanka

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Nicolas K. (Project Manager)

Nicolas K.
Perambara which means ‘dawn’ in Sinhala, is a news-magazine project run by a team of young Sri Lankan journalists, who are passionate about building a prosperous and peaceful country for all ethnic groups that call the island home.

Perambara is a source of progressive news and information that is driven by a responsibility to the public interest and is committed to maintaining a high standard of journalism in the stories it produces.

Perambara’s vision from the outset is to produce reportage that enables readers to make informed decisions. It was initiated in 2008 with the aim of increasing the awareness of news and social issues among Sri Lanka’s majority Sinhala population living in villages and rural areas. The publication provides stories that are inspiring and that show how all Sri Lankans, despite their ethnic and cultural background, can contribute to creating a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable Sri Lanka.

As well as showing leadership in offering a good, balanced journalism, Perambara’s stories break down stereotypes, promote good governance and democracy, and foster cross-cultural harmony.

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Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka

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