Closed Earthquake in Haiti: Donate now!

An aid project by “Aktion Deutschland Hilft - Das Bündnis” (M. Hodsman) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

M. Hodsman (Project Manager)

M. Hodsman
Germany’s Relief Coalition is calling for donations to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world. According to the initial estimates, the damage is particularly serious as the epicentre was located at the city limits of the highly populated capital, Port au Prince.

The member organisations of the German Relief Coalition, who have been working in Haiti for several decades, have already begun distributing relief items and food. World Vision is distributing first-aid kits, clothing, blankets and water bottles. Handicap International is also preparing to distribute food and has strengthened its team with logisticians and physiotherapists. “The poorest of the poor have been affected and the children in particular are suffering from the catastrophe.” It was still school time as the earthquake struck; therefore many children are now searching for their parents. We are caring for these children,” reports Harry Donsbach from World Vision, management board of Aktion Deutschland Hilft.

Together with action medeor, HELP is on the way to Haiti with a health kit containing medication. Additionally, a two-person team of the organisation and assessment teams from ASB and the Johanniter are also on the way to determine which assistance is the most urgent in Haiti. A medical team of the Malteser organisation is also on its way and will tend to the supply of emergency medical care for the victims of the earthquake.

Today, World Vision is sending out two pilots from the United States with medical aid which contains plastic sheets, tents, blankets, water containers and cooking sets. The medical aid has been able to be sent out quickly as it was actually meant for the forthcoming floods in this geographical area.

Please help the people in Haiti with your donation to Germany’s Relief Coalition!

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Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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