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Funded Donations for water filters for our friends in Nepal

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P. Koslowski
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About this project

The situation in Nepal gets more serious from day to day. Clean drinking water is scarce. We would like to help swiftly and directly. Maintenance free water filters that we will deliver directly to Kathmandu.

We are collecting money for this cause – to be able to buy water filters and get them directly to our friends, Shiraj, his wife Arya and their 3 year old son Arush in Kathmandu.

Why did we start this campaign ?

We, Petra Koslowski, Christian Handschell (WoerterSee Public Relations, Bielefeld) and Bjoern Lauen (entrepreneur & photographer, Dubai) traveled to Nepal in December 2014.

Bjoern has spend the last decade living and working in Dubai and became friends with the Nepalese couple Shiraj and Arya during his trips to Nepal with his brother Ulf (lawjer).

During our trip to Nepal Shiraj and his family have shown us their Nepal, its sights and hidden gems with unbelievable joy, love and pride for their country, without us even paying a single penny for it.

Water filters

We are trying to collect money to buy maintenance free water filters which will allow their friends and family to generate clean drinking water out of polluted water.

The filters will be bought in Germany and will then be shipped directly from Dubai to our friends in Nepal. In Nepal we will ensure that the filters are delivered and handed over to the people that need them the most. This will of course be documented with photographs.

The filters are maintenance free and don’t need any spare parts. They filter 99.999 % of pollution and bacteria and are able to filter up to 18.000 liters of water per filter. They are globally used by NGOs and charitable organizations such as UNHCR. A family filter costs approx. 90 EURO plus shipping, a smaller personal filter costs approx. 25 EURO plus shipping.

Every donation counts !

The water filters are going straight to Shiraj and Arya who will provide them to the people in need in Kathmandu !