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Child and Youth hospice Düsseldorf e. V.

Düsseldorf, Germany

The Child and Youth hospice in Dusseldorf is a home for incurable and life-limiting ill children and youth and their families. Our main aim is to bring a certain level of pleasure and happiness to affected families.

A. Scheffler from Kinder- und Jugendhospiz Regenbogenland
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The Child and Youth hospice in Dusseldorf exists since 2004 and is a home for incurable and life-limiting ill children and their families. We support 260 affected families from the region on their way and offer them the support and help they need in our home and beyond. With the possibility of a limited-period intake of the affected child, youth, their parents and sisters, we would like to complement the care and maintenance at home. 

Due to the intensive care of the child concerned, the relief of the parents comes too short and and the siblings must defer their own needs for attention and recognition. 
In a stationary children and youth hospice, the parents can take out for a limited time from the care, while the children and youth are supervised by experienced child and paediatric nurses of the hospice. 
Up to 10 children and youth and their families may be temporarily hospitalized and cared for in our both homes, the youth hospice had been opended in 2017. Our motto: "Do not give life more days, but the days of life" 

We offfer special programms for the siblings and parents e.g. siblings-weekend, mother-weekend, father-weekend and many more.

The Child and Youth hospice finances itself to about 50 % from donations, Sisters, parents and grandparents of the affected child and youth are always accompanied with us free of charge and are accompanied when required round-the-clock psychosocially.

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The whole team of the child and youth hospice rainbowland Duesseldorf