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Promoting health, education and sustainability in Nepal

A project from Long Yang e.V.
in Kathmandu, Nepal

On the foundation of Universal Ethics, Long Yang e.V. has been conducting cultural, social and ecological projects in Nepal for more than 20 years, in order to contribute together with local partners to a holistic and sustainable local development.

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About this project

Under the motto "Preserving Ancient Wisdom", Long Yang e.V. is committed to promoting and preserving the original Buddhist practice traditions of the Himalayas in order to preserve their benefits for the future. On this basis, our engagement for more than 20 years also includes social and ecological projects in Nepal, in order to contribute together with local partners to a holistic and sustainable local development. The main activity is the establishment and expansion of the Akasha Academy in Nepal - a training institute for holistic education and healing arts.
Holistic Medical Education & Female Empowerment
Our aim is to enable especially girls and women through education - to create a way to take responsibility and to work for the welfare of others. A first step is the Akasha Traineeship - a unique training in Nepal so far. Under the motto "Educate, Enable, Empower", the Akasha Academy program creates a space and orientation for young women to discover their abilities and make their own choice in their lives. They are educated in topics of health, environment and society and learn to pass on their knowledge as change-agents for a healthy and sustainable life. On this basis, they gain strength and clarity to decide for themselves: for an advanced educational path or a professional activity as counselors to initiate positive changes in their environment. The program is funded by the German Ministery for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Sustainable development projects & environmental awareness
Together with the Akasha Academy NGO, and through many private donations, we have succeeded in acquiring land in Suntakhan on which the Akasha Academy will be successively built. Currently we are working together with the organization "Sustainable Mountain Architecture" on a sustainable planning and design of the site. In addition, we regularly conduct workshops to promote environmental awareness and generally support sustainable development in the Suntakhan region, e.g. through reforestation.

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