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An aid project by “KRASS e.V.” (c. seidensticker) in Düsseldorf, Germany

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c. seidensticker (Project Manager)

c. seidensticker
Please support us! We're looking for donors to help us out with this project: Through your support, we would like to give out scholarships to gifted children whose parents are unable to pay for art or music classes or drama groups.

KRASS e.V. introduces children of all social classes but mainly children from socially deprived families to art.
KRASS e.V. stands for a broad platform working towards sustainable education and communication of art.
Art as an impulse and media for cultural exchange and communication is especially pedagogically valuable.
KRASS e.V. works on an international and multicultural level.
Through the help of KRASS e.V. the children get to know themselves, their talents and abilities better and learn how to express themselves.
Children who come from low-income families are often deprived of important academic possibilities and chances to build up vital social contacts.

KRASS for all children!
We award interested, needy, gifted children and teenagers with Art-Scholarships, arrange creative workshops and organize school projects and mobile studios. All of these projects are put on and lead by qualified art-, culture-, pedagogy- and science professionals who eagerly support the children in every way possible.

This is how we come into play and react! This is where we never stop. Because to us, children being the ones shaping and creating our future society are the most valuable beings!

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Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

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