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Closed Comunidad Rodante

A project from ecobasa e.V.
in Bogota, Colombia

We want to travel through South America by bus to help sustainable communities to realize construction projects. We have all the skills, experience and the network that is needed! The only thing we dont have is a bus, for which we collect donations.

T. Spangenberg
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About this project

We are a nomadic community of like-minded people from around the world and we want to continue our tour through South America in 2016 with a converted school bus . We are looking for communities, ecovillages, alternative projects and agents of change, to assist them in practice and integrate them into the gift economy network of

With our collective knowledge and many experiences that we have collected on our travels through communities, we participate actively in the community life and help them to realize projects.

The Communidad Rodante collective offers an infinite number of possibilities for the places it passes through, from which they can benefit.
We have practical knowledge, skills and experience in Bio-construction, renewable energy systems, permaculture, recycling, naturopathy, psychotherapy, community-building, self-organization, independent production of articles for daily use, art and music projects, festivals, cinema and a filmmaker collective. All works will be documented so that we can share our experiences with all people and other similar projects, to promote the strengthening of our personal philosophy of free education.

Every day we will hold internal workshops for the exchange of our personal skills and experience, to which we have the knowledge we already have, to share with our fellow travelers.
So we are effective as a group and get even better.

These workshops are also offered to the local communities that we visit.
This gives us the opportunity to pass on our knowledge in alternative construction methods and techniques to make life on earth easier.
This fulfills the primary purpose of our lives, to leave a better world for the next generation, that they can still enjoy.

We are a diverse group of media professionals, filmmakers, construction experts, engineers, programmers and project managers.
During the tour we will organize festivals in communities to built things like houses in a short time with the support of many people.
And of course, to celebrate life!