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Sports hall for primary-school pupil in Ludwigshafen/Germany

A project from Freundeskreis Christliche Schulen LU e.V.
in Ludwigshafen, Germany

Christian elementary school is looking to build a sports hall, which they need urgently to perform physical education. Would need some initial funding to get started with the build.

Rudy T.
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About this project

Approx 150 pupil at the Christian elementary school in Ludwigshafen don't have the possibility to conduct real physical education because they do not have a sports hall. So far they have the possibility to do some gymnastics only in a rented relatively small room.
In order to offer the kids an appropriate physical education we would like to build a sports hall adjacent to the elementary school.
As we are a non-profit-making christian school, we do not have tons of money on our bank account.

The expected cost is about €2.4 million ($2.7 million). Government will subsidize about 50%, but there is still €1.2 million left for that we have to take up a loan. The more equity capital we would have, the better will be the conditions the banks will offer to us. So we hope, that you are willing to support us with a kind of initial funding, in order to get startet asap and finally to have a sports hall where the kids can perform conventional true physical education.

Planning and building permission is on hand. All we need is "just" an initial funding to get the ball rolling.

We highly appreciate if you are willing to support this project and help to get the sport hall started.

On behalf of the 150 pupil and the teachers: Thank you very much indeed !