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Closed Gaza is alive

A project from AWO Düsseldorf
in Düsseldorf, Germany

Gaza is alive. International youth exchange between Germany and Palestine. Camps Breakers are invited as Ambassadors of Gaza on a summertour to Germany and Europe.

S. Betz
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About this project

"Gaza is alive" is a venture project between the welfare organisation "Arbeiterwohlfahrt Düsseldorf" und the Rudolf Steiner School "Windrather Talschule" in Velbert, Germany.
AWO Düsseldorf invited the Camps Breakerz to Düsseldorf in order to support their tour through Germany. Unfortunately, by now there is not enough money available to finance this exciting project.
Camps Breakers (CB Crew) are a crew of nine break-dancers who live in Nusairat, Gaza in a so-called “camp”. They have developed over the last ten years from aspiring dancers to serious dancers and dance instructors. CB Crew offers dance training to children and youth, enabling participation in meaningful creative activities, and development of the skills and abilities of the young people of Gaza.
Camps Breakers are invited as Ambassadors of Gaza on a summertour to Germany and Europe.
Through this tour we wish to make possible for the young artists from 16 to 30 years to tell their story through dance and empower their creative talents despite the restrictions they face every day in their troubled country. The picture of Gaza is in Europe strongly influenced by the media. Rarely they show the beauty, the warm-heartedness or the power of renewal of the Gazan people.
Many young people suffer from depression and the effects of trauma. They particularly experience striving again and again as hopeless, and the restrictions on travelling as “suffocating”. Despite this however, CB Crew have succeeded in creating a place that spreads affirmation and joy of life.
Through workshops in schools and youth centers, through talks and performances - we want to make it possible for youth and adults in Europe to understand more about each other’s lives, to the CB Crew to develop their creative talents, and have a platform to express their dance. We also plan a creative skills exchange with break-dancers and hip hoppers in different places in Germany and Europe during our tour.