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Closed Supports Mother and child Health care

A project from PRIME
in Kabirwala , Pakistan

I triggered a payout for these needs:

 Malik Iqbal  H.
Malik Iqbal H. wrote on 13-12-2016

I am Dr Malik Iqbal Hussain project coordinator , we will purchase the Required Medicine for supporting Mother and child health care ,so as to provide better health care services instantly.although  it's very small amount we purchase pure water for small babies.. My Name Dr Malik Iqbal Hussain of district Khanewal ,we have start project for fulfilling the needs of the Mother and child health care which was a great needs of the time but unfortunately this project has not gained much donations .an others aspects of the projects was that it was providing healthcare facilities to poor women living in Marginalized and vulnerable section of the society . But this is no long on  your web .I  am as project coordinator who supported very much specially Miss Kousar Izhar from America and others doners I appreciate and thankful all my doners who supported this project . Project coordinator .Dr Malik Iqbal Hussain 

A donation amount of €25.00 was requested for the following needs:

  • Delivery of Medicines To Mothers and Child €25.00
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