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The Museum of Colours

We wish to create a Museum of Colours in Berlin, a unique and innovative project. We are currently developing a cycle of exhibitions about colours in Flutgraben since January 2017. Come and check out our work!

N. Le Duff from Ein Museum der FarbenWrite a message

 We wish to establish a Museum of Colours in Berlin by the year 2020. At present there is no such institution existing in the world. 
 Despite their omnipresence in our societies and cultures, and although their impact on our state of mind and emotions, there is no place gathering all the knowledge linked to colours in their plurality. 

 Colours are universal, interdisciplinary and timeless, and they coalesce into numerous aspects of our environment: in arts but also sciences, in symbols or in the everyday life. Our aim will be to invite our visitors to apprehend and engage with the different ways in which the human brain and heart perceive, interpret, understand and treat colours.

 Colours play an essential role in various disciplines and are therefore part of our human heritage: they shape our world and its cultures. Thus, this museum speaks to everyone. By establishing ourselves in a European capital city, we hope to draw on Berlin's cultural influence and international scope to attract tourists and partners from all over the world.

 This is why we believe in the significance of carrying out such a project. For three years, we have been establishing an international network and an advisory board prepared to help us in the complex conception of this project. Our pilot exhibition was created in the context of the International Colour Day. 

 It is a good start, but we know the path will be long. Our next step is a cycle of exhibitions focusing on the colours of Berlin, which should be followed by a touring exhibition designed to be presented in several museums in Europe. Until then, we are searching for a place to set the permanent Museum of Colours.

 In parallel, we will attend international events and fairs dedicated to colour and museums, organise workshops and talks, but also establish various partnerships guaranteeing the development and success of this project. 


 Nous souhaitons créer un Musée des Couleurs à Berlin d'ici l'horizon 2020. Il n'existe à nos jours aucune institution similaire dans le monde. Malgré leur nature omniprésente dans nos sociétés et cultures, et bien qu'elles soient à l'origine de nombre de nos réactions et émotions, il n'existe pas de lieu rassemblant les connaissances liées aux couleurs dans leur diversité. 

 Universelles, interdisciplinaires et intemporelles, les couleurs s'immiscent dans de nombreux aspects de notre environnement : dans l’art mais aussi à travers les sciences, les symboles ou la vie quotidienne. Nous amènerons donc les visiteurs à comprendre les manières de percevoir, d’interpréter, de comprendre et d’utiliser les couleurs.

 Les couleurs tiennent un rôle essentiel dans différentes disciplines, mais elles font également partie du patrimoine commun aux humains. Ainsi, ce musée a vocation à s'adresser à tous. 

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