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The Museum of Colours

A project from Ein Museum der Farben
in Berlin, Germany

We wish to create a Museum of Colours in Berlin. A unique and innovative project, supported by an international network and a dynamic team. We will arrange a series of steps and exhibitions to reach our final goal.

N. Le Duff
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Our goal is to open a Museum of Colours in Berlin as soon as possible. Despite the ubiquity of colours in our societies and cultures, there is no such institution in the world that brings together a vast and diverse range of colour knowledge. That is a challenge fit for the Museum of Colours!

Colours are universal, multidisciplinary, timeless, and linked to multiple aspects of our environment: art, symbols and everyday life. We will make visitors understand how people perceive, interpret and use colours.

Colours play an important role in various disciplines and are part of the common heritage of humanity: they shape our world and cultures. That's why this museum is aimed at everyone. Located in a European capital, its influence and international reputation will attract tourists and partners from all over the world.

That's why we believe in the relevance of this idea. Since 2013, we have developed an international network, realized our first exhibitions, and established guidelines for a permanent exhibition.

This is a promising start but the road is still long. Our next stages will be the preparation of a project exhibition, the selection of exhibits, and the development and creation of scenography for the permanent exhibition. Until then, we must also find a place for our permanent exhibition.

At the same time we will participate in international events on colours and museums, organize workshops and think tanks, but also create a variety of partnerships to ensure the solidity of our project.