Malaria Free Cameroon

An aid project by “Hope Foundation e.V.” (F. Gerald Bobga) in Lomie, Cameroon

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F. Gerald Bobga (Project Manager)

F. Gerald Bobga
One of Hope Foundation’s key objectives is the fight against malaria, particularly among the most vulnerable groups in Cameroon. We have therefore initiated the “Malaria-Free Cameroon (MFC) Project,” a multi-year effort to fight and eradicate malaria in malaria-threatened zones of Cameroon through the provision of protective nets, malaria drugs, enhancing diagnostic tests, and educating under-served communities, where there are ten new cases of malaria every second.

Last year, Hope Foundation successfully distributed 200 nets to the population of Limbe, South-West Cameroon. This year, we focus our project on the Baka Pygmy village Bosquet, in East Cameroon, a region particularly crippled by malaria. We will tackle this disease by distributing a total of 800 insecticide treated mosquito nets and by partnering with local health officials and community leaders to raise awareness about the disease and its symptoms.

Malaria is particularly devastating in Cameroon, where it remains the leading killer of pregnant women and children below 5. Every 30 seconds, a child in Africa dies from a malaria infection. In fact, by the time you finish reading this text, 3-4 children will die from malaria.

To initially address this endemic, we have set a goal of supplying specially-treated nets to the 1250 inhabitants of Bosquet in East Cameroon. Bosquet and the villages surrounding it have high rates of malaria due to the hot and humid climate and proximity to the forest. We wish to call on all public health advocates, friends, colleagues, supporters, and the general public to support this project by donating a net to a family.

A 10€ contribution provides one family with a specially-treated net that lasts 2-4 years. Obviously, these nets are inexpensive by Western standards, but they are impossible luxuries for a country where many people survive on less than 1€ per day.

Donate and spread the word! No one should die of malaria, when every one of these deaths is avoidable.

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