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Closed "Language is key to Integration."

Dorfen, Germany

Donate for Integration Language courses at Dorfen, near Munich. The migrants need your help in the first weeks of their stay in Germany.

Britta A. from Dorfener Zentrum f. Integration und Familie
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More and more people are coming to us from all over the world. Therefore it is important that they are able to understand the language and everyday life can start quickly.

The German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees sponsors the language courses of the "Dorfener Zentrum of Integration and Family" to one part, the other has to be given by the participant. Sometimes the financial conditions are not as well as the new situation requires. Especially the children need assistance at school where they are often left alone in their new german classes with no supplementary help.
In cases like these we want to provide that - nevertheless - the life of the family can go on.
Our so called "Fördertopf" will help to carry on with the courses started and the exercise books could be paid.
Please donate for our project! With your help the life of the migrants can be secured - even in difficult situations.