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Closed Food and Cancer

Food and Cancer is an online nutrition study which investigates the effect of dietary patterns on cancer disease. It is expected to reveal dietary patterns which significantly improve survival rate and tumor remission rates in cancer patients.

R. Aspalter from Verein Essen und KrebsWrite a message

When I heard that my cancer had spread so far that no surgery could be performed, I was completely devastated. And just like all other cancer patients, I asked myself what I coud do to fight my cancer. What comes to your mind naturally are the different dietary advices. But no matter what diet I was considering, I always had the feeling that you really cannot destroy those cancer cells without seriously hurting your body. However, when I came across studies that demonstrated that this uncontrolled cell growth requires animal protein and that if you leave out animal protein, cancer cell growth is dramatically reduced, I thought: This might be the only dietary advice that I can follow without risk, and, moreover with a first real chance of success. Now, seven months after my change to a vegan diet, my tumor markers have fallen below the detectable threshold and also my CT scans are negative!

What I did in fact do is strictly stick to my oncological therapies and I would definitely advise every other patient to do so, too! My reasoning was as follows: If I at least inhibit further cell growth and also stick to my chemotherapy plan, then the cells that cannot grow anymore are more likely smashed by the chemo! The tumor cannot escape the chemotherapy as easily. Fortunately, this seems to work.

Existing studies are limited to animal experimental studies, so no human cancer patient studies have been carried out on this subject, yet. There are many large prevention studies that show how nutrition influences the risk of getting cancer. But what happens, if you already have cancer? There is very little data concerning this question. And there is no data at all about vegan diets.

For this reason, I started the project “Food and Cancer” as a non-profit association and as an online study via the webpage and the original German webpage .

I personally funded the webpage and study tools necessary for the start of the project from my own pocket. However, I lack resources for the maintenance of the study and the scientific evaluation of the data recorded in the study.

This is why I need your help!!

This is how you can support the project:
1) via your donation here on
2) via your participation in the study, if you are affected by cancer yourself
3) as a scientist, doctor or nutrition expert, by informing cancer patients about the study
4) via sharing information about this study on social media, with your friends and partner!

Start of the online project: April 2015
Duration of the first study batch (more to come): until December 2016
Find more information on and on our Facebook page:

Finally, I would like to spread a word of hope:
If the expected results turn out to be correct, then this would mean a significant improvement of the life expectancy of so many cancer patients – especially in later stages of

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