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Together for education and equal opportunities for all children in Germany

A project from Librileo gemeinnützige UG
in Berlin, Germany

Children have a right to education. Children need books. Parents should support their children, many parents cannot support their children. With our program and our books we offer children the chance for a good education.

Sarah S.
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About this project

2.5 million children in Germany live in poverty! Poverty often also means speechlessness. Children rarely have access to books in their families. Often they are worse in school than their classmates and have a hard time catching up. Due to their starting conditions, they are educational losers before their school career has begun. 

Our solution:
With our innovative offer, we ensure that all children have regular access to books and are supported in their family environment. With your help, we all contribute to educational and equal opportunities.

Current situation in Germany:
Unfortunately, there are hardly any successful approaches in the area of early childhood education to promote the reading skills of children who come from socially or financially disadvantaged backgrounds. Many initiatives work reactively and only support the children when it is already too late - at school. A great deal of effort is then put into raising the children's learning level to that of their classmates - unfortunately often unsuccessfully. 

Our task:
We have made it our task to solve this problem and asked ourselves how we can manage to support the children within their families. One thing is clear: the way to support the children can only work through the parents. It is important to motivate the parents to support the children in a sustainable way and to pave the way for an optimal education. 

The Librileo book boxes:
The social innovation of our reading promotion program is based on the insight that children only read if their parents are motivated. Our approach activates the parents: Together with educators, we have developed age-appropriate book boxes on a quarterly basis, consisting of various components. We not only supply families with age-appropriate children's books, but also ensure that the whole family experiences a sense of achievement - a playful "challenge" is developed for each box, which parents can solve together with the children. The offer is rounded off by an informative flyer, which provides tips on the topic at eye level. The composition and coordination of the three components means that the books are regularly integrated into everyday life. A real change!
The effectiveness of our approach has been proven by an evaluation. 

We need your help:
Today in five years we want to reach 20,000 families annually. Help us to achieve this. Every donation will be invested directly in book boxes and thus gives a child a fair chance. Together we will pave the way for a better future for these children.