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Global Water Dances Berlin at the Spree-Riverside

A project from Tanz & Theater im PHYNIX e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

The Global Water Dances evokes the subject of potable water in an artistic and kinaesthetic performance with proper composed music. The performance will happen on the 20th of June 2015 in front of the central station, directly at the Spree-Riverside.

Sibylle G.
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About this project

Water is life! Water, especially groundwater is the subject of the next years.

The Global Water Dances evokes the subject in an artistic expression with proper composed music and choreographed performance.
The Performance is travelling at one day all around the world with “communities” of six continents developing and showing dances. They encourage people to take a stand for the preservation of clean and safe potable water.

In Berlin the Global Water Dances will be on the 20th of June 2015, in front of the central station, directly at the Spree-Riverside nearby the Rahel-Hirsch-Straße.
It is important for us to deal with this highly political and vital subject in an artistic way and to give the public a kinaesthetic and alive access to it. This can hopefully induce to a personal engagement and to personal actions.

We need Your support for the realisation of this project, financially and also in spreading the word!

For more information and impressions you can visit our homepage:

Heartfelt Thanks,
the Team of the Global Water Dances