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Closed Welcome Home - A new life for ten young Eritrean refugees

Help to support ten young and heavily traumatized refugees in getting the life they deserve

Theresa J. from Kinder auf der Flucht e.V.Write a message

They don't have dreams. Eight boys and two women from Eritrea. They need to live on despite the gruesome things they experienced. Live on in a country and a culture which is completely new to them.

"Wilkommen Dahoam" tries to support these young and heavily traumatized refugees to settle down and understand their new invironment. This happens through practical support like accompanying them to authorities and doctors, looking for adequate schools, teaching them to eat with fork and knife or to ride the subway.
But humans need more than shelter, nourishment and untiliarian forms of assistance, to cope with their terrible memories. That's why we try to give these boys and women a little hope and cheerfulness through positive experiences. To support tthem in a longlasting and sustainable way, we need your help! We might not be able to save the whole world, but we can at least give ten refugees and their familes the chance for a life.

The situation:
It took them between seven and 18 months to come from Eritrea to Germany and they experienced horrible things on their way. They walked across the Sahara for six to eight weeks. The weak ones were left behind - the boys watched their friends die. They where held captive for months in Sudan and Libya, were severely beaten, tortured, tormented. They weren't allowed to speak and did not have enough space to lay down at night. Since there were no toilets, they had so sit in their own excrements. During the only meal of the day, their mouths were burned every day anew. A. has a highly comminuted elbow, the serious open wounds on G.s legs, which were caused by iron bars smashed against this little boy's body, didn't heal for months. Their families had to pay up to 10.000 $ to free their children from prison and help them come to Europe.

Now these boys have reached their sole goal in life. Safety. They do not have any idea what could come next. They never or only shortly went to school. Until now their future perspective was lifelong military service. They don't know, what they want to be. They don't know, what they would enjoy doing. They don't know that life can actually be beautiful. Wishes and dreams are foreign to them. Their hope died in the torture hell of Libya.

These boys and women need an new home and a new life. A life with a future. A life in which they can be carefree - if only for some hours. A life in which they find hope again. A life in which the learn to dream.

Our long-term wish is, to collect enough money, to pay back the randsom and give the ten families in Eritrea a new basis of existence.

How to support us:

- items: right now we are looking for bicycles

- donations "zest for life": excursions, events, admission fees

- donations "daily life": Underwear, train tickets, phone cards

- donations "Hope": paying back the ransom to the ten families in Eritrea

- Personal sponsorships

- Offers on-site: Workshops for Music, Arts, Sports, field trips ....