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Closed Mother/child hospital in northern Ghana with affiliated College

Africa Action Germany and the Regentropfen Stiftung are cooperating to erect an urgently needed mother/child hospital in northern Ghana, which is affilliated with the ReCAS college, dedicated to educating medical staff.

Bodo K. from africa action / Deutschland e.V.Write a message

This betterplace request aims at erecting a mother/child hospital in the Bongo district in northern Ghana with a unique educational concept, making it outstandingly effective and sustainable. This hospital can be truly YOURS! Read on to find out more...

Although the mother/child mortality rate in Ghana has been declining consistently, there are still enormous regional variances. In fact rural areas even have been showing an increase in mother/child mortality rates in recent years. The grounds for this trend are twofold. Firstly, population growth is accelerating whilst medical provision remains stagnant. Secondly, the percentage of midwifes and doctors in Ghana is below the regional average. In addition the shortage of medical specialists and the lack of health related education have magnified this adverse trend.

The hospital tackles all three points coherently:
1. Training of medical specialists
2. Erection of a mother/child hospital
3. Provision of medical consultancy, including reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and family planning in cooperation with the college.

The college (see and pictures) was founded by Father Moses Asaah Awinongya, who grew up in this region, in 2012 aiming at providing the region with education and prosperity. Based on this the second logical step was envisioned, which is the alleviation of health issues. One pivotal aspect of this initiative is the combination of medical provisions and education which ensures a sustainable improvement of the living conditions for people in the area.

The project is run by "africa action / Deutschland e.V." in cooperation with the "Stiftung Regentropfen". The latter is our regional partner and founder of the college. A requisition to the BMZ for funding parts of the hospital has already been submitted, but we are still 150.000 EUR short from making this vision a reality.

Back to our special offer for donators mentioned above. Every person who donates more than 100 EUR will be commemorated with his or her name being engraved into a solid steel slab that will be showcased in the hospital, as well as a high resolution photograph accompanied by a list of all donators both shown on the hospital’s homepage. Thereby you can easily visit YOUR hospital from home.

Every donator is warmly invited to contact the project team in Germany (Father Moses, Mr. Fricke, Bodo K.) to ask questions. Write us, we will definitely get back to you! No need to mention that we are available on Facebook as well. So don’t hesitate to experience the spirit and benefit this project has to offer.

Many thanks in advance for your support!