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Funded Boxgirls South Africa

A project from Cameron Project Group gGmbH
in Khayelitsha , SA, South Africa

In Boxgirls Girls' Afternoon Clubs girls learn to defend themselves against gender based violence. Woman and girls develop life skills, self-defense skills and take an active role in school and community leadership.

H. Cameron
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About this project

Boxing girls are strong girls. They discover courage and develop self-esteem. They see that problems can be solved through strategy and persistence. But Boxgirls South Africa goes a step further and empowers girls in informal settlements near Cape Town to take responsibility for their lives and for their communities and actively contribute to the social change.

The economic infrastructure continues to pose a great challenge to the population of South African towns. Girls and young women especially have to cope every day with the consequences of unemployment and poverty. Instead of being able to develop in safety, with access to education and sports their day-to-day life is marred by discrimination, gender based violence, few professional opportunities and early motherhood.

That is why the support and promotion of girls and young women is of such great importance. With Boxgirls South Africa we enable girls and young women a better education opportunities and create a place, where they are able to develop their personalities.

During the workshops girls learn about violence prevention, nutrition and health. Discussions and media training empower girls to take responsibility for their lives. They learn how to defend themselves. They develop a sense for their rights.

At the same time through sports and elements of boxing they gain self-esteem, train team skills and how to solve conflicts. In Boxgirls Afterschool Clubs we offer trainings to primary school girls in 5th grade. Peer educators and volunteers offer also Homework Clubs for all programme participants every Saturday. Also young women profit from the new programme, since thanks to their Peer Educator Training provided by Boxgirls they improve their chance on the labour market. And through online courses the young women get access to new professional opportunities.

2015 the programme has been carried out in six primary schools. Also thanks to your support on betterplace the programme keeps growing and 2016 we will offer Girls’ Afterschool Leadership Education at 15 primary schools in Khayelitsha. The project will be able to reach over 1000 girls till the end of 2016.

The girls are proud of their project. They are proud of their ability to bring about change. They are determined to make their communities a better, safer place for themselves and others. They have the courage and the determination. We can support them. – Please donate now!

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