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Help for Children in the Philippines. New area, new challenge.

Tagbilaran, Philippines

Help for the Homeless and Homeless street children are. The united humans want food to the children and give something to drink.

R. Korth from UH unitedhumans gemeinnützige GmbH | 
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About this project

We want to help the needy and want to build a new site in Tagbilaran. For this small town, we found a lot of needy people, so the decision was inevitable for a site.

We need office space for the organization and management as well as kitchen room incl. Kitchen to prepare the food.

We also need a vehicle to the shop and relief supplies to bring to the needy after preparation also.

Should the needy sick, the vehicle is also required for a doctor's visit.

Tagbilaran is a city on the island of Bohol. It's not a big island, the maximum distance is 200 km away. The unitedhumans, the island fully explore to determine whether there additional help on the island is necessary, or whether the street children should only be in Tagbilaran.

For your support, we now thank you on behalf of the needy.
Updated at 18. September 2020