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Funded Help needed! Drinking water for a Mozambican village

Chitondo, Mozambique

Fund raising to buy a new groundwater pump for a solar water pumping project in Mozambique

Michel S. from solar learning e.V.
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Welcome to Chitondo a rural village in the heart of Mozambique and home of Mr. Benhe. The village community in Chitondo jointly agreed that an improvement of the drinking water supply is the mostly needed development. Thereafter, Mr. Benhe managed to convince aid agencies and the local government to build a solar driven groundwater pumping station. Such a pumping station is suitable to get drinking water in Chitondo and it works like this: Drill an 80 m deep groundwater borehole, install a solar driven borehole pump, bring the water to the surface and store it in a tank. Finally, the village people can fill up their 25 liter containers on-site. This currently costs around 3 Eurocent per container. The water pumping station meant a huge step forward in quality of life in Chitondo: no more hourly walks to the next clean water source and less heavy carrying of filled 25 liters containers. There is just more available water for everyone to drink, cook and clean. Furthermore, a clean water supply opened up new opportunities and enabled Mr. Benhe to start a bakery. The bakery produces manioc biscuits for sale and employs already four people. The success of the pumping station inspired Mr. Benhe to build four more water pumping stations with governmental help in the neighborhood villages.

During my study visit to Mozambique Mr. Benhe invited my colleague and me to Chitondo for a weekend. He showed us his projects and we could stay in his house. Mr. Benhe is a very welcoming person and strongly committed to improve living standards in his home region.

However, the projects face drawbacks. Currently, a new groundwater pump is needed. The cheap, old pump was destroyed, because the pump model had no internal protection measures against overload. The pumping station has been out of order for months now.

Do you want to contribute so drinking water can flow again for more than 300 people? 2000 € are needed. The money is used only to equip the broken pumping station with a new, reliable pumping system. In that matter we can completely trust Mr. Benhe as a competent partner on the spot. After a successful financing he will also take pictures for us, when the pump is going to be installed. Beyond that, Mr. Benhe and I are trying to enhance financial planning methods. In the future, the money charged for water at these pumping stations has to finance reparation and replacement costs. Together we can help Mr. Benhe to permanently improve the drink water supply in his region.

Let’s make this happen and give the project a new chance. If there are any questions about the project, just contact me. Thank you very much for your support!

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