Psychological help for war traumatised women and children

An aid project by “SEKA Hamburg e.V. / Projekt SEKA” (G. Mueller) in Gorazde, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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G. Mueller (Project Manager)

G. Mueller
The Women's Peace Project SEKA is a Center for therapy, education and recreation. After 10 years of work on the Adriatic Island of Brac the project moved to the town of Gorazde in Bosnia and Herzegowina in September 2007.

Even 18 years after the end of war through the Dayton-agreement the population in Bosnia and Herzegowina still suffers from the psychological and social consequences of war.
The population of the town of Gorazde is severely war traumatized - people suffered from almost four years lasting siege, shelling, and hunger. Many women and girls suffered from war rape and other cruelties. Children were - as in all wars - the most helpless and vulnerable victims. A big number of them still today are struggling with their experiences in war, as up to now there was no possibility for psychotherapeutic aid in the whole Kanton (department) Goražde.
But also children, having been born after war, grow up in an athmosphere, in which the war and the survived traumas are always present. The traumas of parents and grandparents are transfered to them.

Since September 2007 project SEKA offers (trauma)therapeutic and psycho-educative help for women and children in individual and group work. If necessary and wished also other (male) members of family are included into work.

Besides this SEKA offers trainings in traumatherapy based on Psychodrama for colleagues from psycho-social and health institutions from the whole region.

In Co-operation with the aid-project for war-traumatised veterans 'Svjetlost Drine' SEKA provides also trauma-therapeutic and psycho-educative support for war-veterans and trains and supervises the volunteers of the veterans' project.

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Location: Gorazde, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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