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Funded Glucostics for Kwale District

Kwale, Kenya

Funded Glucostics for Kwale District

Kwale, Kenya

The need of glucostics for 2013 for the Kwale Hospital and the Dispensary in Mwaluphamba is fullfilled. Now we start the donation call for the 1st quarter 2014.

Claudia B. from Hilfe für Kwale District e.V. | 
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About this project

Since 2009 we support the Kwale Hospital to finance glucostics.

In February 2013 they asked us, if it is possible to support also the dispensary in Mwaluphamba with 50 glucostics per month. - Yes, we can.

The complete need for 2013 for Kwale Hospital and the dispensary in Mwaluphamba was was fully funded in July 2013. Now we ask you to support the need for 2014.

All together they need 250 glucostics in a month. 40 Euro we get from our foster parents for this project. That means we need other 60 Euro for full financing this important diagnostic feature.
It would be nice if we find some more foster parents for this project who support with a fix monthly fee. But we are also happy if we get single donations via betterplace or payback.

We've learned that it is cheaper to buy a glucometer in Kenya and buy the supply of glucostics in Kenya.

Diabetes is a disease which occurs more often due to the unbalanced and carbohydrate-containing diet. The glucostics are used for diagnostics during the checkups.
Updated at 18. September 2020

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