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South African brings Joy at Lebenshilfe-Bonn!

A project from South African German Network e.V. (SAGE Net)
in 53111 Bonn, Germany

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Hannah Cholewa
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About this project

"There is no greater disability in a society, than the inability to see a person as more" said Robert M. Hensel.

Mental or intellectual challenges does not mean one is less human because anyone can have limitations but that does not flash out one's potential / capabilities - my opinion. I Manelisi Billy, a passionate South African young man got a big chance this year to volunteer for a year in Germany in a non-profit organisation called Lebenshilfe in Bonn. Lebenshilfe aims to restore the quality of living for people with mental illnesses and enriches the people to acquire equal educational skills and accessibility as able people, letting them also have comfortable, sophisticated homes. This gives me a chance to also contribute and share my positive motive that enables me to withstand daily life challenges. I will give my fullest assistance from heart, making sure i inspire and instill independence to the people. This will be a successful, life changing year only if my volunteering stay accommodation could be assisted. I will need your help.

This amazing opportunity, allowing South Africans to also voluteer abroad is made possible by Weltwärts' sending organisation, South African German Network (SAGE Net). Being one of the first two candidates for the Reverse Cultural Exchange Programme of SAGE Net is such an honor and great privilage to take part in, having to be chosen amongst 40 other South African applicants to Fulfill impactful assignments at my organisation.- Lebenshilfe .As I create fun, meaningful yet educational times with the people at work, it makes more sense to see them happy, healthy and active through the activities we do together in German.This is a an amazing, challennging but felt for assignment as SAGE Net will accomodate 75% of my stay here in Germany, 25% will have to be my contribution as means of fundraising . The greatest motivation through my stay here would be from your support as a potential donor or a person to help me network my project . I need your help.

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