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Closed WIKIBIZZ - transparency in business

WIKIBIZZ is a project to establish a platform for transparent information about economic connections - accessible to anyone at any time - free of charge.

Michael B. from SocialNets Foundation gGmbHWrite a message

The goal of the project WIKIBIZZ is the creation of an internet platform to access and display the business connections between individuals, corporations, institutions and organizations (identities) on a global scale. This information consists only of publicly available and verifiable data about the character of the identity itself (e. g. their legal status) as well as the properties of the connections between the actors (e. g. shares) and will be displayable textually as well as graphically. The database that holds this information will be searchable and single datasets as well as combinations of datasets individually selectable for the textual and graphical output. The data input will for the most part work via crowdsourcing, while a peer-review procedure will assure the correctness and relevance of the entered data. The user status determines the level of detail one has access to when adding and editing datasets.

The purpose of this platform is to provide the public with the information concerning the abovementioned connections. That way, transparency regarding economic structures can be ensured, which provides everyone with the opportunity to easily access the information about shares of corporations in other corporations, supply chains, resource extraction and allocation etc.

The data on the platform will be accessible openly, free of charge, and ad-free and will be hold to serve the common good, hence the information needs of the civic society. In particular, the “from everyone for everyone” principle the platform is based on, which prevents any kind of influence from private interests, is an integral part of the project WIKIBIZZ. This is also why the financing is based solely on crowdfunding and voluntary donations respectively.

Do you want to be a part of it? Do you want to help WIKIBIZZ grow and thus make business transparent for the good of everyone? Then please support us with your donation big or small and feel free to contact us for further information or any questions you might have.