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An aid project by “Wings of Faith Mission” (B. Dake) in Tanuku Andhra Pradesh, India

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B. Dake (Project Manager)

B. Dake
Home of Hope Orphanage is running by Wings of Faith Mission, a non profit Christian organization has tax exempt status and FCRA

We are located at coastal Andhra Pradesh in INDIA. At such a remote portion of India it is difficult and sad to see the local villages do not have proper source of education. Even though Government schools are present but they are just built but not functioning. Children are asked to work at their tender age to support the family. This leaves them illiterate. The children mostly help in the fields or take care of cattle while grazing or do other pity jobs.
We at Wings of Faith mission have seen all this and taken the vision to bring the unattended children to schools and educate them and work against child labour.
We have made daycare centers and primary school where they get free education.At present around 11 employees are working as teachers and staff.
This will be of great benefit to the villagers as their children are getting free education, food, and other essential needs along with the spiritual guidance of Lord Jesus Christ.
At present 6350 people are getting benefited by this project as their children get educated.
The people are benefited as their children get free education, food, and basic needs like clothes etc.
The biggest challenge being the financial aspect as for all these programs and the huge number of people there is a need for lot of financial help. We require vehicles to reach the unreached area as in the places the transport is not adequate. We require study materials and equipments. We do not have a good infrastructure for the schools and day care centers. We do not have enough to pay the workers in the project so we also have a challenge to pay their salaries.
The Donations will be a very great blessing as then we would be able to work more freely and reach the many more areas which needs lots of work to be done. The donations would help in making school buildings and daycare centers etc.

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Location: Tanuku Andhra Pradesh, India

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