Blocked FIBA for Honduras

An aid project by “FIBA e.V.” (T. Jakel) in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

T. Jakel (Project Manager)

T. Jakel
This project was launched to financially support Honduran undergraduates in their academic studies starting in January 2010. Our non-profit association FIBA (Association for the advancement of integration, education and intercultural exchange) fosters the support of talented pupils in Tegucigalpa.
Thomas Jakel, one of the founders of the association, spent his gap year in Honduras in 2005. On-site, he engaged in voluntary work and worked with children. He learned a lot about the local circumstances and was shocked when he came to know that most of the children from poor family backgrounds do not start their studies despite excellent grades. In particular by talking to the pupils concerned, he learned that the crucial factor in their decision against studying is primarily their families’ financial situation. After travelling to Honduras again in 2009, Thomas is now establishing a scholarship holder program in cooperation with the ICYE Honduras, an international exchange organization which he knows well due to his voluntary work in 2005. These scholarships are supposed to facilitate a fast academic education for talented Honduran pupils and to give them new perspectives. In order to render further assistance, mentors will be available for the scholarship holders. Each scholarship covers expenses related to public transportation to and from university, matriculation and books. Over a period of three years, a monthly amount of 50 Euros will be transferred to the scholarship holders by the ICYE Honduras.
We are very happy that after a period of interviews with candidates we will be able to support two graduates with excellent grades starting from January 2010. Doris Lorena and Sayda Melissa are the first two scholarship holders.

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Location: Tegucigalpa, Honduras

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