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Kisoboka Organisation - Together for orphans in Uganda

Wakiso, Uganda

Kisoboka Organisation supports orphans in Uganda! We are constructing a kindergarten that will be our own project for orphans and vulnerable children! Before we have been supporting a primary school in Entebbe for 2 years.

L. Schäfer from Kisoboka e.V.
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Our construction project: a kindergarten on our land

The construction of our kindergarten has started in September 2019!

We are setting up our own project in Uganda: After the completion of the process of buying land in november 2017, we fenced the whole property with a massive perimeter wall. Our property is located  in Wakiso District and in the surrounding land of Kasanje (approx. 30 minutes from Entebbe). It has the size of around 6500m².
Education is key: Only 1 in 10 children attends a kindergarten in Uganda (NPA, Pre-primary and Primary Education in Uganda: Access, Cost, Quality and Relevance, 2015)! Since early childhood development is crucial for their unfolding of character, we want to give these kids an early access to education.

Our main goal:
Our kindergarten shall support the children in their earliest stages of development (esp. cognitive and motoric skills).

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