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Closed Let's build a 'Bottle School!'

A project from BCDO-Botumsakor Community Development Organization
in Thmor Sor, Cambodia

BCDO 'Let's build a Bottle School!' A project aiming to provide education to some of the poorest children in a small community, whilst also teaching all the community's young generation about environmental sustainability and healthcare.

Sopheap P.
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About this project

Along with recent Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai, BCDO believes that every child should have the right to an education. To this end, BCDO has started a project to build 2 new classrooms for children in Thmo Sor community who, due to impoverished circumstances, are unable to afford the fees to attend school. We also want to build 2 volunteer rooms to house English speaking volunteers to help teach in those classrooms. In keeping with the organisation's philosophy of promoting environmental sustainability, we are aiming to kill a few birds with one stone and do the build using plastic bottle 'Ecobricks.'

The projects plans to build 2 new classrooms along with 2 volunteer rooms with a shared bathroom. In the long run, the project will also include a pond, a vegetable patch, bio-gas briquettes, a library and be used a base for running Ecotourism trips.

The idea for building the classrooms using plastic bottles and waste came from a Guatemalan organisation called 'Hug It Forward'. They have already built over 40 schools using the technique and have made an online open source manual as a step by step guide for every part of a build - from planning, to involving the community and each part of the actual build. This will help to guide our own project, though with changes made to fit Thmo Sor's resources and budget.

While Thmo Sor has an abundance of charm, it also has a problem with large amounts of waste. Unfortunately it currently lacks the infrastructure to collect taxes to clear it and the education for seeing the need to do so. With the help of two long term American Peace Corps volunteers living in Thmo Sor and the director of the local State High School we are starting lessons to help teach the environmental and health impacts of waste, environmental sustainability, begin to clear waste from around the community and use that waste to fill plastic bottles. This will help both help keep costs down through cheap materials and educate the next generation to care for their community. Parts of the build will also be done by local masons, helping to provide work for the community.

We hope that once finished, the project will provide a good example to the community of alternative sustainable income and also help to give an education children in the community that currently aren't getting one.

Thank you for taking the time to read our fundraising page. If you have any questions about the project then please don't hesitate to contact us and ask. We hope you see the value of our aims and can help in any way you are able - either through any donation, big or small, or by volunteering time at BCDO.

Please click the link below to watch the bottle school projects.