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Closed Help orphans and abandoned children get classrooms

Mombasa, Kenya

Closed Help orphans and abandoned children get classrooms

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Jonathan M. from Joyland Prime AcademyWrite a message

The project is aimed at stopping current sicknesses and preventing future diseases affecting children in school.

This is possible by building new classrooms to provide good environment suitable for education and human habitation.

Our plan is to use your donation to build 6 spacious and clean classrooms suitable for learning. 
The classrooms will 
- stop the current diaereses and prevent them from happening in future 
- reduce current high school drop outs
- promote education and literacy
- retain children in school
-community will get educated people

Any amount of donation to children is so big 

The main beneficiaries are DAO (Disadvantaged, Abandoned, Orphaned) children who get free education. Our plan is to add assisted students when we get more support

We identified DAO beneficiaries through death certificates, home visits and village elders.

We are currently looking for donations for push back diseases project

Cost of building one classroom
Bags of cement =8.00 X 70.00 =560 
Building stones = 0.27 X 1500 = 405 
Paint = 9.00 X 4 = 36 
Iron sheets = 24 X 12 = 288 
Metals Y16 = 10 X 17 =170 
 Y10 = 40 X 9 = 360 
Timber 3 X 3 = 230 X 0.3 =69 
 2 X 2 = 450 X 0.17 =76.5 
Labor = 200
Total = 2164.5 Euros

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