Funded Planting maize and beans as sustainable help

An aid project by “Majirani e.V.” (Meike G.) in Mbale, Uganda

Meike G. (Project Manager)

Meike G.
Since 2007 Majirani e. V. has been supporting the orphanage which is run by WCN Mbale in the East Ugandan city Mbale. At the moment 16 children aged 6 - 14 are living there. A small garden has already been started at the orphanage's land and is taken care of by the children and the WCN staff with a lot of love and enthusiasm. Some vegetables could be harvested which supplemented the basic food of the orphans.

WCN has not got the possibility to hire 5 acres of land and plant maize and beans on it. To realize this project, WCN needs to buy the necessary farm tools and hire agricultural experts to accompany the project and advise the WCN staff, the older children and some of their relatives. If Uganda isn't hit by another drought, the project is supposed to run on its own without funding from abroad from the second year on. Some funds may still be needed in the second year, though.

In Uganda, seeds are planted twice a year, at the end of January and in July. We would like to give WCN the necessary funds for the fírst 6 months with the help of this project.

Your donations helps the children of the orphanage to become independent of buying food and learn agricultural skills. All technical support and advise will be done by Ugandan experts so that way jobs in the country will be secured, too. Daily labourers from poor families will be hired to help with preparing the land, planting and harvesting and will that way have a small income to support their families.

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Location: Mbale, Uganda

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