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Closed A new cat house for our velvet paws!

Building a new house for our cats! Construction of the new cat home for the ASPCA Güstrow.

S. Schönhofen from Tierschutzverein Güstrow u. Umgebung e.V.Write a message

For a long time there was no SPCA in Güstrow,
until in late 2003 some activists came together and on 10 January 2004 founded the ASPCA Güstrow.
We are a non-profit organization recognized by the tax office.
The association is constantly growing and currently has over 90 members.

In recent years, we have already achieved a lot, so that animals again have a strong lobby in the region.
We also understand that we can handle the work for the welfare of animals not alone. For this we need a strong support among the population and also your support.

The association receives despite intensive efforts no community support and is financed by membership fees and donations.
Our active members supply daily about 150 cats with food in our cat house, in foster homes and feeding places for shy wild cats.
More and more often we need to report a accommodate freeze, because we lack the money for food or medical treatment, or the place is no longer sufficient to accommodate cats.

Every year between 50 and 100 cats are taken from the ASPCA Güstrow. The cats are not adopted by the regulatory agencies because it is not according to the law. We bring these animals to private foster homes and especially in a self-built wooden house.
Because of the lack quarantine station and due to the nature of our wooden house it always comes back to diseases in our house cats.
This leads firstly to a significantly increased workload and the other to extremely high vet bills.

The aim of the Animal Protection Association Güstrow is to demolish the old cat house and build a new one. Necessary are three to four tiled rooms with heating, of which two to three rooms must have an outside aviary. Simultaneously, a quarantine is needed to separate sick and injured animals.

In order to achieve this goal, we need consultative and financial assistance.

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